The program empowers women to ensure that they have a genuine participation in nation-building, decision-making, planning and development.

  • It provides capacity building among women on governance and leadership.
  • It also aims at providing gender-awareness/education and organizing support group to enhance understanding of the role of men and women in Muslim society.
  • Organizing and capacitating women as active changes agent in the communities.
  • Strengthening women participation in governance from communities to regional level.
  • Leadership building among women.
  • Formation of a group of women advocates in the community level and they lead the issue base advocacy and lobbying.
  • Study tour and exposure.Empowering Muslim religious leaders as partner in the advocacy on gender and reproductive health.

Youth empowerment for leadership and participation

  • It provides capacity building for children and youth to lead and take active role in the advocacy and lobbying towards claiming for their rights.  
  • It will ensure to strengthen the protection mechanism of young people and children in the communities.
    1. Organizing and capacitating in school and out of school youth.
    2. Leadership building among young people to increase their participation in the community and school governance and decision making.
    3. Leading the issue base and policy advocacy and lobbying concerning children such as: 
      • Child early and force marriage (CEFM),
      • Sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR),
      • Child trafficking,
      • Prevention of violence extremism (PVE) and
      • Violence against women and their children (VAWC)
    4. Organizing educational tour, youth camp and dialogue.    

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