INCREASING NUMBERS of evacuees are up in Datu Saudi Ampatuan and Shariff Saydona Mustapha, Maguindanao

On 18, March 2021, as part of the quick response intervention under the project Response to Unmet Humanitarian Needs to the Most Vulnerable Conflict Affected in the Population in Mindanao (REACH) of the United Youth of the Philippines – Women, Inc in partnership with the OXFAM, monitored and assessed the current situations of the affected residents in the barangays of DSA and SSM.

Based on the record and initial count, while the shootings underway on seven o’clock in the morning, more than seventy-two (72) from DSA and three hundred (300) households and civilians were displaced and forced to flee due to the armed-conflict stroked by military operations against BIFF.

In addition, on five o’clock in the morning, the victims were relocated to the following evacuation centers; (1) DSA Elementary Pendililang, (2) DSA Market, (3) Dimaukom High School, (4) Pusao EC assisted by the local government units.

The casualties count, seven (7) burning housing incidents in Barangay Pusao, SSM and one (1) in DSA.

Unravelling women, children and old-aged individuals to no avail are distraught and distressed.

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